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This is a story of a sweet girl Pooja & a weird boy Sunil.

                  They met in high school, Pooja's dad got a transfer in his job, & Pooja got relocated to Sunil's school. A new joiner in eighth standard, It was easy for Pooja to make new friends & get adjusted in no time as she kept on changing schools with her dad getting transferred to different cities. She was a typical girl, bubbly, charming & enthusiastic. You know some people are so good at heart that you feel happy when you are around them, you just have a feel good factor just when they are nearby. She was tall & after she entered the class she moved to last benches to find a seat. There was our hero Sunil sitting in last benches, totally unlike the other last bencher's, he was kind of weird guy, was afraid to talk to girls, he was very intellectual, but had some kind of inferiority complex & stammered while speaking. He liked couple of subjects & did not care about the other subjects. Sunil was a good kid, he lived in his world, he used to collect paper cuttings of astronomy articles wherever he found one in newspaper magazine etc. He never mingled with other sporty boys of class, but had few good friends who understood him well. 
            Pooja introduced herself to Sunil & as usual he was too afraid of her as he would be for any other girl in class. He just told his name & avoided the converstation though she started sitting besides him as this was the only vacant desk, She dressed nicely, talked humorously, loved to hang out with cool friends. Slowly they became friends. Science subject contained mostly of astronomy & Sunil was much ahead apart from this text book knowledge, he used to tell Pooja that what our text book contains is merely a collection of facts & figures, real universe in out there to explore. He used to talk about various mysteries of the universe & Pooja was fascinated by this & share his wonderment too. She appreciated his ideas a lot & Sunil as well. Sunil just liked her company as she used to listen patiently to his crazy ideas.
                 This was not a love at first sight but a small dose of love at every sight thereafter & grew stronger. they had found good freinds in each other, both being similar in some aspects, curious to know about nature, caring & fun loving. They finished school & joined same college. Both were relieved, that they will get to be in touch with each other in college as well. Then Engineering, Sunil wanted to take up science stream & Astronomy later, but his family conditions needed him to start earning faster. So engineering & then as usual software comapny was the only option. They got their engineering seats in different colleges, probably this was good in a way because this made them realize that how much they missed each other, or rather they came to know how much each liked each other, though they did not openly got committed in their relationship. Both kept in touch whenever they came to their home town & mails & phones. They waited desperately to hear about happenings in each other's lives. Sunil had a malfunctioning coin-phone in his hostel, by putting one rupee coin the active call never ended until phone was hung up. This was a time when mobiles were still not very popular & affordable by students, intermittent internet access from colege labs to mails, orkut, twitter etc, this kind of created a romantic void & desperation to hear from each other. Both landed up in good jobs & began meeting each other. There knew that they were in love but never expressed, pooja was waiting for Sunil to propose & Sunil was waitinf gor the right time. 
                   Sunil was working very hard & had a grand proposal plan. He wanted to earn enough money for a couple of years so that the loan is replayed & have some money for marraige. After an year of his job, He fell ill for some days & was not keeping well often. He got a blood report done & recovered from this. But things had changed a lot within him. He started avoiding Pooja after that, he was very upset about something & never told Pooja, she could easily make that out & he refused to tell her though she repeatedly asked him, she knew his heart as much as himself. Pooja made a plan to get to know what's going on with him. What is bothering him ?  Shruthi their common friend insisted on meeting Sunil at a restaurant & asked him whats going on between him & Pooja. She told him Pooja is very unhappy about this unexpected behavior from him. Sunil refused to tell anything. Upon taking promise form Shruthi that she would not reveal anything to Pooja, Sunil broke out. What do you want me to tell Pooja, that I am having blood cancer & I am not going to live for more than couple of years. I even haven't proposed to Pooja & therefore no relation exists between myself & her. I know she would be devastated by this, instead i am thinking of going somewhere without anyone knowking where I am gone. Shruthi asked whether you love Pooja. Sunil replied, I love her more than anything else from the day I met her, the day she sat besides me in school. As usual he was just too afraid to express his feelings for her. He wanted to stand on his own feet, earn some money & then ask her hand. He burst out into tears & said I cannot tell Pooja, better she forgets me. There was a hand on his shoulder & that was Pooja standing there listening to entire converstation. She was in tears realizing that their destiny turned out to be totally other than what she has dreamt of. She told Sunil that she also had liked him the day she met him in class & told if he would have somewhere withut letting anyone know about this, she would never be able to love any other person, Sunil was the love of her life & she had accpeted happily that both are inseperable.    
          Sunil told her that she is a wonderful girl, she has whole life in front of her & asked to grow out of this situation. Tiem heals everything, just forget this love, & move on. Pooja told she had given her heart to him & she was that kind of girl who couldnt think of any other person other than him. If she was ever going to get married it would be him.
            Pooja seemed more than crazy, & because she insisted, they got married. After couple of years, Sunil became very ill. They had a baby boy. As Sunil was on his death bed, they held hand in hand & relived the moments of their life. school days & college days. As Sunil took his last breadths he said “I am sorry, I couldn’t be there all along with you, I Wish I never met you” & Pooja said “I always wish that in next lifetime also I should meet you & you must be the love of my life. She never heard a reply from Sunil. Now she waits for their son Anant, to grow up to understand the things & learn speaking so that she can tell the stories Sunil told her about the sky & stars & universe etc.  

               You may wonder, Who am I, telling the story?  I am destiny, sometimes I WISH, I should not be so unfair. 

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Vikram Pyati said...

Hey good one dude... The love story was very well developed. I really like the line - This was not a love at first sight but a small dose of love at every sight thereafter

Keep writing. Good luck for BATOM

Anonymous said...

Thats a wonderful story and its good to see that the you love your name and astronomy so much that you used it in your own story :)Excpet for few errors , the story went on smoothly :) Wish you best of luck for BAT 12 :)

Guddu said...

Very nice story. When i started reading, i dint expect this end ..
All da best for BATOM :)

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Someone is Special said...

very good love story. I enjoyed reading it.

I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

Saravana Kumar - Wish

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Rocksa said...

'A small dose of love at every sight'-How did you come up with that? Awesome it is :)

Sad ending :( But like you said, destiny is unfair at times!

How I wish every falling star fulfilled each wish! (Do I see you smiling when I mentioned 'star' considering your love for astronomy?)

All the best with BAT 12

The Lost Symbol said...

ok first of all congrats on taking part in the blog-o-ton.
i actually thought of reading one of the 3 blogs and post a comment, but now i am posting my comment after reading all the 3 blogs, Wish, Wish1 & Wish2. Let me tell u one thing, ur ending all ur blogs in a very sadist Wish ur dream breaks up without getting any details abt the Wish1 ur girls is leaving u and ur not even trying to stop her & in Wish2, cos of a fear of destroying her life ur not ready to open ur heart.
I guess this reveals a lot abt urself.
Sorry to tell u this, but u need to write something very happier now:-)

astrosunilnomy said...

@Vikram Thanks for the comments dost, not very well developed actually, was running out of time. Ya that's true isn't it love at first sight is usually in movies. in reality we may have a different first opinion about a girl/boy but later after knowing her character/attitude may fall in love.

astrosunilnomy said...

@adreamygal Thanks for the comments, well i don't love my name much but love astronomy more than anything else, had to use couple of names, so thought why not put my name & needed a senti, traditional, very common name..So choose Pooja which fits in story well, ya few spelling mistakes were there as i had to post it within time, corrected now anyway as we can later edit the post also the time stamp as Vikram was telling me :-)

astrosunilnomy said...

@ Guddu Thanks for the comments, the ending was the only concept I knew or imagined, later formed the starting & story when started to pen down. Sure will read your's

astrosunilnomy said...

@ Someone Is Special, Thanks for the comments, Sometimes I wonder it's easier to write a sad love story than a happy one !

astrosunilnomy said...

@ Raksha Raman Thanks for the comments, Ya small doses everyday - this applies for range of things like medicine to weight loss :-) i just instantly made this up, great to know that you liked it, actually considering the character of Sunil he is slow in falling in love ...So this dosage everyday was needed for him to get close to Pooja & fall in love eventually :-) All the best for you too

astrosunilnomy said...

@ The Lost Symbol or Manish, Thanks a ton Dost for the valuable & insightful comment, I believe I can express pain more elegantly than happiness because of what my life or luck has been so far, But that doesn't mean this has to continue in this way. If we consider The Secret's law of attraction I am attracting more sorrow than happiness by writing or in the time spent in coming up with these posts, this comment provided the most insight into myself, all comments appreciate that I write good, I know that already, apart from this I got a slap in the face Saale ruk ja apne aap ko kya message de raha hai, kya bana raha hai, We are what we think, if we write & think tragic stories , we become sort of sad or mood goes off in daily life, yes I will seriously think about changing my thinking towards bright, positive or happier side. Thanks again for analyzing my personality, in these day's when everyone is busy with lives. But there are many happier or positive posts as well :-)

Arpitha said...

Hey Sunil..nicely really touched and moved me..I too liked the line ,'This was not a love at first sight but a small dose of love at every sight thereafter.':-) But the ending was a little cliched..Keep it going!! :-):-)

astrosunilnomy said...

@ Arpitha, Thanks for the appreciation, I really had not expected overwhelming response for the concept I just came up with - daily dose of love. We all need to told by beloved, parents etc that they are there for us & they love us. I hate to say good morning daily to everyone daily, Come on, daily who wants that overhead to tell. But love is just different , you know !

Brijender Singh said...

Loved the way you developed the story and gave form to such intricate human emotions-and the sting of life that comes in at the end made it all the more alluring.
Btw,love the tee in the snap at the top-great to see that there are some of us who are actually living their dreams !

astrosunilnomy said...

@Brijender, thnx for the comments, yo mostly the developing the story was filling it with my life's realities, but in a romantic or filmy way , Thanks that's the pic taken in Kanyakumari, thats the point where 3 great oceans meet, we had life time of an experience there seeing the annular solar eclipse, & sunrise & sunset all from same point, the southern most tip of India. i would not agree of myself living my dream because if that were true i would be professor in some US university researching & teaching Astronomy & totally disconnected from the world , anyway i would like to say i am struggling to live my dream , & i now tis is the best i can give myself & I am happy with it !

Kishore GMK said...

Wow!! amazing exploration of your inner creative universe dude !!

Suri... said...

Hey Sunil..nicely written really good heart touching Story....The line ,'This was not a love at first sight but a small dose of love at every sight thereafter.' owesome quotes but true :-) Keep it going Dude!! :-)


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