Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mysterious Life

A guitar with the broken string
flying the kite of life with a loose string
working hard to make ends meet
life with its mysterious swing
enjoying the mystical flow
seeming that it will all make sense one fine day

As destiny unfurls
with its amazing twists & turns
and the slopes & steeps
trying to stay ahead in the race,
sometimes realizing the destination never matters
As time passes by
the self discovery never ends

In the end its the life that triumphs
assuming that I danced to the rhymes of life
only to realize, am puppet in the hands of someone (girl friend/ life, not god ofcourse)

For dreams may come & dreams may go
only to make you more stronger than ever
Some moments you wanna relive
some moments you never wanna pass so quickly

That loneliness in the crowd
that search for some one special
then you came along
made me realize that some can be
as weird as me

away from home in search of something
trying to be someone for everyone
That deep desire to return home
only to realize that the home is not the same

Flushing down the memory lane
thoughts that disturbed
holding onto the good ones so badly
only to realize that everything gets left behind
only thing is the experience which counts at the end
making the life worth of living

the happiness is only real when shared
I am glad that you came along
to become the music of my lyrics
danced to the rhyme of life
So much in love with you & our life

Your first flower will wither in my book
but the memory stays afresh
your cheeks were like the pink petal
you were just a thought away
never missed you anyway

being there for me always in my arms

just living by the moment
making the most of the things we got
yet another day passes by
without regretting the crazy life we sought

PS: Still not complete, this is just about the mystery component in life, love etc.


Beyond Horizon said...

OH...HO!!! kya baat hai! Simply Amazing :)
"the happiness is only real when shared
i am glad that you came along
to become the music of my lyrics
danced to the rhyme of life
So much in love with you & our life" Loved this stanza!
Hope you complete the mystery :)

astrosunilnomy said...

oh nothing Poonam, Kuch baat nahi hai, although i wish kuch to baat hoti to accha hota, agar koi saath hoti to accha hota, see the comment rhymes unlike the poem, anyway happiness is real when shared is a quote from the movie "Into the Wild" my favorite line in this is "you are just a thought away, how can i miss you anyway" thanks for the stopping by, was wondering if anyone is gonna read it at all.

Unknown said...

aha.. here is English's K.S.Narasimhaswamy :-) who started loving(?) his wife before knowing who she is.

Vikram Pyati said...

Good one .... I liked the first stanza... even I am hoping that all this makes sense one day

Suresh B L said...

Simply Superb Sunil :)

really U come up nicely dude..
I like the first Stanza... :)


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